Our Focus

Information overload

Although we have access to a variety of information and communication tools, how do we narrow down tens of thousands of journals, magazines, newsletters, and blog posts at our disposal?

How do we flourish amidst thousands of printed pages, not to mention millions of pages on the web?

How many content we consume on daily basis and how much of it we are able, without searching for it again, to reuse later?

Constant Multitasking

Neuroscientists, psychologists, and efficiency experts have been telling the world for years that since the brain can’t actually pay attention to more than one thing at a time.

What we experience as multitasking is really rapid and repeated switching of our attention from one thing to another and the back again.

How many tasks are waiting for us each day? 

Wouldn’t it be wise to get rid of constant repetituos tasks?

Limited attention

According to the Law of Limited Attention – A person can pay attention to only 2, or at the most, 3 things at one time. If we are stretching our attention and trying to pay attention to say 3 things and a fourth thing comes along and we try to attend to it also, the fourth thing becomes the new first and the others recede.

Some psychological research indicates some can pay attention to 7 things at once. This does not contradict the principle; it only changes the numbers.

Can anyone pull within 5-10 seconds based answers to many questions asked one after other in short period of time?

Our Goals 

Increasing Personal Productivity

Adjusting mobile usage to the way humans think

Promoting paperless economy

Our Approach 



Becoming productive means reaching control over our daily doings. FromX provides with all tools to manage personal content..

Be Yourself

Everyone is unique , You too. Therefore full personalization of personal content use is obligatory. Express yourself and become productive..

Your logic

Being able to act with accordance to your logic  is a part of personal productivity. Extend your thoughts into actions..

Single app as a solution for personal productivity

All-in-One DIY Personal Data & Content Manager app
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Phone Files Manager

FromX auto-organizes your phone content by a single tap. All your files, photos etc. are sorted and discoverable in seconds for further reuse.

Content manager

Search for new content online and add it where it fits. Retrieve in seconds any stored content by its’ reference. Reuse your content in any possible way by a single tap.

Activity manager

Manage your activities by concentrating all relevant apps, bookmarks, notes, files etc. in designated categories. Eventually, you’ll have all you need for any relevant task accessable by a single tap.

Advanced Shopping

Explore variety of Shopping options with FromX. Search, compare, purchase and track your goods with FromX.

Not enough? Now you can create your personal E-Mall.

Target Audience

To whom it may concern

The following target  audience will benefit  FromX the most for those specific purposes.

Yet, FromX is fully customizable to fit anyones’ needs for any mobile content related activities.

FromX is a perfect tool for those who use content, value their time and strive to perfection in their doings.

For students

With FRomX you will always be able to access all studies related materials via you mobile phone. Prepare to exams from anywhere .

For project managers

FromX is the best tool to handle meetings. Update any project you manage by a single tap. Import and share data instantly. Controlling data means controling situation.

For businessmen

Perfect for meetings and travel. All your data is accesable via phone. Best tool to import content instantly. No need for PC anymore.

For content consumers

Still sending mails to yourself? Stop! Browse via FromX and bookmark anything to any category that this particular content fits to.

For high school

Technology enables better learning. Import, organize, store and share all study materials via mobile. With FromX you are always ready! 

For freelancers

Too many clients and obligations? It is becomes easy with FromX. Create a spot for every client, including for all his data, requirments etc. Share your creations by a single tap

For family guys

All-in-One tool to stay organized at everything related to your family and home related tasks. Keep track of all your bills, obligations etc.

For specific activities

Planning next travel? Have a hobby?Explore FromX default categories  or create your own ones. FromX is perfect to manage all actvities.

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