Bearing in mind that each and one of us have 24h/day, and spend at least 1-2 hours per day on phone related activities, how would you value 10-20% increase in your phone related productivity?

Let’s begin with the description – what is productivity?

According to Wikipedia, Productivity describes various measures of the efficiency of production or actions taken by any person or entity. A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input.

Technology enabled productivity

Technology has enabled massive personal productivity gains — computers, phones, and other advances have made it possible for a knowledge worker to seemingly produce more in a day then was previously possible in a year, or speaking in terms of personal productivity – to gain more for less efforts spent on any particular task.

Patterns of use of mobile phones

A study released by Deloitte in 2015 found that Americans collectively check their smartphones upwards of 8 billion times per day collectively, with average of 46 times per day. The survey found that most people check their phones while shopping, watching television, and during leisure time. One reason the survey founds Americans are checking their phones more often now than ever before is because more people are using their phones for financial transactions.

Given the above, it is quite obvious that people are using their phones for numerous tasks while at least part of which are vitally important ones, such as financial transactions for business people, social networks for youth, shopping for shopping lovers etc.

Productivity in personal perspective

People always equate productivity with working harder. Some of us eventually wise up and think about how we can work smarter. But we almost never think about the third element which has most tremendous effect on whether we succeed in our chores or not –   how to make decisions which most likely would get us closer to the desired result. Most people fail to concentrate on consistent steps necessary to achieve the desired goals since they perceive a high cost of failure – “It might not work.” That scares us, and we hedge. Instead of focusing, we split our attention among different projects, not giving any one the attention it needs to succeed.

To summarize things up, the way towards personal productivity is based on 3 principles:

  1. Making focused decisions
  2. Working smarter
  3. Working harder

 The reality and Interim Conclusions

Unfortunately the reality is that we live in “Multitasking world”. We have no choice but multitask constantly and the scope of daily tasks, whether business or personal tasks related, are on a constant rise. Yet,   by attempting to do too many things at once, none of us will get the time and energy it needs to succeed at it all, and most likely we’ll have a very hard time to keep making the right decisions to achieve our goals due to multiplicity of decisions to be made. Yet, we will not stop using smartphones, we’ll adopt new digital services and will not stop multitasking whether we are productive at doing stuff or less.

Possible solutions merit

Given the above it seems that in order to increase the level of personal mobile productivity, we will have to offer mobile phone users tools and applications that   amplify the efficiency of all 3 aforementioned principles:

  1. Making focused decisions (by providing tool to focus on particular activity)
  2. Working smarter (tool to obtain data, to use it and to retrieve when necessary)
  3. Working harder (here we actually need to make things easier for users).

Moreover, since we all are different, any kind of possible solution has to contain extremely high level of customizability to fit any particular needs of any user.

Solution here and now – FromX

FromX serves as All-in-One DIY Content Manager & Launcher app which implements the aforementioned principles:


  • Complete personalization – fit your phone to your needs (DIY)
  • Categorization of content – proceed with your thoughts into your digital activities and sort/manage your content (of any kind) in related categories
  • All-in-One – perform any kind of actions (searching for content, sorting, storing, managing, creating, sharing, reusing, shopping etc.) out of single app


FromX embraces minimalism and personal productivity. Complete personalization and full users’ control over digital content. You do not need to adapt to FromX – adopt FromX to your needs.

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