Effective organization and time management are important elements of a student’s success. If you ask a college student about productivity, he won’t have much to say. And you really can’t blame him. The same goes for students using online courses. They lead a dynamic life where academic life and fun go hand in hand, with the latter becoming a more important activity most of the time.

Yet, nowadays college students can find many tools and apps that will increase their productivity and help them meet all the deadlines imposed by their professors.

It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is with so many tools at hand, you have no excuses. The following websites, apps and tools will help you stay organized and prepared to face any academic challenge.

MindGenius is a cool mind-mapping app.

Zoho.com   helps students to manage academic presentations in an easily-accessible manner.

Scientific research offers open access to great peer-reviewed articles and journals.

Evernote and OneNote are apps designed specifically for note taking.

Anki  lets you create digital flashcards that are easier to remember than traditional flash cards.

Obviously, the list above doesn’t represent the full scope of services or apps that are available. These are just a few selected examples. Due to the abundance of productivity tools you should make a list of your own, and that is likely to increase your productivity a lot.

Yet, the discussion is not about the abundant  productivity tools but about ONE SINGLE TOOL which is about to change the way students deal with ALL THE CONTENT THEY STUMBLE UPON DURING THEIR STUDIES, even including finding, sorting and storing the aforementioned productivity tools.

Initial premise:

Let’s assume you are:

  1. A student at a Law School
  2. You’ve 10 major courses each year – Common Law, International law, Criminal Law, International Law, Economics & law, and so on. This is an example and of course it doesn’t actually matter which courses they are.
  3. Each course has its own curriculum with many information sources – articles, references, e-books, e-courses. Let’s assume there are at least 100 such sources.
  4. You’ll have to attend classes and lectures and will need to edit lesson summaries and/or record videos or audio records of these lessons. Let’s say – 20-40 lectures annually for each course.
  5. You’ll probably make copies of information/notes/diagrams from the Chalkboard – let’s say between 500 to 1000 notes annually for each course.
  6. You’ll probably have new lists of tasks, such as homework for each of these courses, maybe an additional 50-500 documents, notes, and diagrams.
  7. You’ll have exams and you’ll share stuff with your course buddies

The list goes on and on, but you get the point


I know you do because you are looking for productivity tools, apps, and services.

And VOILA!!! – What If I said that you could make everything ridiculously easy and all you’ll have to do is just remember what you need?

The Personal Content Management Tool which helps to manage, reach, reuse, utilize information and make it all super easy – FromX: All-in-One DIY Content Manager & Launcher

Utilizing FromX for College Students:

Please note:      Below you’ll find a long and detailed list of actions to take but actually all those steps are just detailed interpretations of one simple process:

 Think of what you need

Search and find whatever you need

Sort and save/upload/bookmark whatever you need

Reach it all within 1-2 seconds

Reuse, share, utilize  any kind of content  whenever  you need it

  1. Download FromX and signup
  2. We suggest selecting all categories (so you’ll could check out Family Category and Higher Education subcategory
  3. When you learn how to create new categories/subcategories, add apps, main bookmarks (websites) or secondary bookmarks (articles/data from these website), how to create notes, upload files etc – you could create YOUR OWN DIGITAL COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT or DIGITAL LAW SCHOOL or whatever you want to call it. The purpose is simple – complete content management.
  4. So create the Law School Category and fill it with apps/web services/information websites etc.
  5. Inside create Notes related to your overall education – for example: you could have a Note for scholarships (import into it everything that is necessary), Note for School contacts, and so on.
  6. Create a subcategory for each course
  7. Import anything related to this course, such as apps/web services/information websites.
  8. Create Notes (in each subcategory for each course) for anything related to the course – curriculum, lecture records and videos, homework, and preparation for exams.
  9. Each note can contain any file you could imagine.
  10. If you missed something due to sickness or other absence – just ask someone to ask permission then capture it (with a phone camera) anything you missed and add it where it should be placed.
  11. If you want to share anything – Just use “Long press” on any folder and share it
  12. If you are searching for something – just remember what and within a few taps you’ll reach whatever you need – as simple as that.
  13. Among all the files, photos, videos and audio there will definitely be some extremely important ones, those which you’ll want to store and save forever. In this case FromX offers (within a given upgrade plan) Unlimited Cloud Storage. So you can upload an unlimited amount of data and reuse it at any time.
  14. Please note – even if your phone is dead, lost or stolen – the information you placed within FromX (100% of information within your subscription plan) and all information (except files) will always be accessible every time you login to your FromX


In summary, FromX is your friendly, DIY, All-in-One, Must have Productivity tool which will definitely transform your student life and save tons of time and effort.

FromX is not just another tool to perform specific tasks – FromX is a new way to experience, manage and utilize any content whatsoever to boost your personal productivity and ensure you never lose a thing.

I wish I had FromX when I was law School Student, so I could have had more time for parties.

Well, at least I have it now, and I can spend the time I gained from using FromX for anything,  for kids and hobbies.

Try it, it is Free!!

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