Why consumers prefer online shopping:

The Internet has revolutionized the way we shop. More and more people these days prefer buying things online over the conventional method of going into stores. Among the most popular perks that have convinced consumers to switch to e-shopping are: #Convinience, #Betterprices, # Morevariety, #Nocrowds, #Pricecomparison, #Lesscompulsiveshopping, etc.

The Pie Chart above emphasizes the main reasons consumers prefer online shopping over the conventional method of going into stores.

While it is clear why consumers prefer Cheaper Prices and Vast Choices, Convenience  still prevails.

Where else can you comfortably shop at midnight while in your bed? There are no lines to wait in or shop assistants to wait on to help you with your purchases, and you can do your shopping in minutes. Online shops give us the opportunity to shop 24/7, and rewards us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience.

To make a long story short, let’s conclude that people shop online since it is Convenient, it offers cheaper prices, and there are more choices.

How people shop online:

Theoretically, when we shop online we apply the same principles as when shopping conventionally in stores:

  • We search for goods
  • We read product and shop reviews
  • We compare prices
  • We check delivery options
  • We place orders and pay
  • If a purchased item is not available immediately, we wait, and in the meanwhile save approval and conformations for our placed order
  • If the product we order does not fit or is otherwise unsatisfactory,, we must ensure we keep all related documentation, so we can manage further steps – whether that means shipping goods back to seller, placing a complaint, etc..

Ambivalent attitude

As mentioned above, the raise of online shopping has completely changed the means we utilize to ensure a smooth and convenient shopping experience. Yet, due to the vast increase in online shops, the abundance of shopping apps, and the number of services once again made online shopping confusing. In other words, people like having more choices, but simultaneously they neglect the well known principle “less is more”. The result is undesirable stagnation.

Productivity as the solution

In view of this duality in perception related to consumers’ feelings towards online shopping, we at Fromas IT have created the FromX:  app which serves as a Personal Content Management and Productivity  app.

So how the heck is productivity related to online shopping, you’ll probably ask…

Well, it is not just price comparison or more sources to select goods. It is much more than that.

According to Wikipedia, Productivity describes various measures of production efficiency  or actions taken by any person or entity. A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input.

Speaking shortly, productivity should be described as – Getting better results with less effort.

FromX as Productive Shopping tool:

This long intro was placed here for a reason. Let’s take a short review of the important factors we mentioned above:

  • People like Convenience, cheaper prices, and more choices.
  • People still apply the same principles when they shop online or at stores
  • An abundance of choices and offerings overwhelms, and quite often that causes the opposite results – stagnation and failure to complete order

Bearing all this I mind we created FromX which offers (in respect to Shopping) the following options:

  • Shopping by item type – Tap two times and reach whatever you were looking for in multiple shops at once
  • Comparative Shopping – Write the exact item in the search bar and get up to five results in five different shops
  • Daily Deal Shopping – The best daily deal at multiple online shops
  • Best Fashion shops – The trendiest fashion online boutiques at glance
  • Most popular Shops – The biggest retail leaders and their offerings one tap away

And of course…

  • Your own personal e-mall!!!

No, we do not offer a complete online business but FromX takes your complete shopping experience one step further. Each one of you could easily build your own, completely personal shopping environment consisting of the following options and possibilities:

  • Importing all your favorite shopping apps
  • Importing all your favorite bookmarked online shops
  • Making secondary bookmarks within bookmarked websites – for example taking a screenshot of a purchase confirmation is super useful.
  • Creating dedicated subcategories for specific shopping related needs and spheres – such as “My Fashion”, “Groceries”, “Work related shopping” or anything else you could imagine.
  • Creating shopping related notes such as “My Christmas Shopping”, “Black Friday shopping”… – you got the point.
  • To each such note you can upload any type of files – from bookmarks and photos to excels, GIF, e-cards, etc. Each shopping transaction can be completely documented and whatever happens, you can reach any related document in 1-2 seconds.

In summation – FromX offers the complete solution for online shopping (from getting ideas to tracking shipments (via a designated app which you are advised to import once everything). Moreover, since you are the creator of your own shopping environment, you’ll significantly overcome procrastinating due to decision making hurdles.

Therefore, productive shopping is not just finding the cheapest deal or more choices, it is about making the online shopping experience more productive as whole, and that includes all the steps we take while purchasing stuff, and bearing in mind all the possible aspects and variables which might occur during the shopping process.

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