A typical day in the life of a project manager:

While serving as the CEO of a Startup Company, I found myself dealing with totally unexpected stuff and multitasking on a daily basis. Obviously this is a career path of my choice and I wouldn’t change it even if I could.

Bearing in mind that the service (application) we created is a Productivity/Personalization tool, I could not stop myself from figuring out how our product could impact people like me, those who are forced to deal with uncertainty and enormous amounts of information and content. These people could be CEOs, CTOs, and especially Project Managers.

Just to make sure that I wasn’t wrong and that others face the same issues as I do, I searched the web and found an amazing article written by someone from http://zilicus.com/

I have to say – this is just an amazing article, written in such a clear and friendly manner. The article simply clarifies how it feels to be a Project Manager and what their routine looks like.

The article bears the title “A typical day in the life of a project manager” and can be found here. I strongly recommend reading it and for those to whom it might be relevant, check out the software that the Guys from Zilicus have to offer.

Project Managers needs – Interim conclusion:

The main point that I learned from this article is that every Project manager deals with high levels of uncertainty and an outrageous quantity of information/content.

The article mentioned goes through 19 changes of work type in the day, the large number of issues that the author had to deal with, the many clients and co-workers he was in touch with during his day and the many programs he uses to automate project management as much as possible.

Please notice, I’ve highlighted the above sentence for a reason, which I will clarify below.

One of possible punch lines coming from this article, certainly the one which was most relevant to me is:

It is really important to get organized despite the chaos around us. If you do not have clarity of what needs to be done and talking/email to the right people and getting things done; project management will be a difficult game for you

Here is the exact text:

Obviously, nowadays Project managers require the right set of skills and a capability to lead and it’s vital that they use the right set of programs as well.

Whether you chose http://zilicus.com/ or any other Project management Software, for me one thing is clear – there is still something missing.

The missing link:

Don’t get me wrong. I am not familiar with program offered by  the guys from http://zilicus.com/ , and I cannot and wouldn’t criticize anything related to this software or any other Project Management software offered by others.

Our goal is to assist Projects managers beyond what Project Management software can offer:

Prior to laying down the solution we have, let’s figure out what the Missing Link is, and let’s do so by a short characterization of Project Manager Activities, so a project manager:

  • Uses lots of programs
  • Attends multiple meetings in multiple locations
  • Multitasks constantly
  • Needs instant access to all information and content related to every project
  • Collects information and content all the time
  • Is a human being, probably with a family, kids, life to live and subsequently deals with a much larger quantity of task and information/content that is not related to work projects

From the list above we can conclude that no matter how good Project Management software is, it just cannot it all. Project managers still jump from task to task, from program to program. One minute they are here and in a moment the project manager has to be away or just burns lots of time on the roads.

So the missing link to transform a project manager’s daily routine into a fully productive routine refers to the ability to correlate the full scope of the project manager’s daily activities, including productive use of all programs, applications and data sources that come their way.

The suggested Solution:

When we at Fromas IT realized this point we came up with a most reasonable and helpful solution  –  FromX.

The following Personal Digital Content application FromX should be a useful tool for dealing with the content we stumble upon or the tasks we have to deal with.

Without going too far into the functions offered by this app we will highlight what a project manager would find useful:

  1. FromX allows the import of any relevant apps, web services or programs and places them according to their context within related categories, or subcategories that a user creates themselves. So a user could easily reach anything literally instantly using only their phone.
  2. FromX offers a complete set of tools to deal with content we stumble upon on a daily basis – importing information and content, retrieving it, sharing it, taking notes, bookmarking, storing information in the cloud.
  3. FromX is completely customizable – a kind of DIY app for project management, as for any life situation.
  4. FromX offers complete user control over all stages of content consumption – from searching content online to storing it, reusing it, and sharing it, and everything without reaching their PC.
  5. FromX redefines the phone usage related to overall content consumption as it bridges the gap between the way users think, to the way they act, and are present online or just deal with their content.
  6. FromX presents the ultimate solution for complete personal content management as it ensures that content which matters to the user won’t ever be lost.
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