“We are confronted by staggering amounts of new information every day. Trainers in particular can be easily overwhelmed by the wealth of information related to competitor data, new product and service launches, market changes, and industry trends. 

Although we have access to a variety of information and communication tools, how do we narrow down tens of thousands of journals, magazines, newsletters, and blog posts at our disposal? How do we flourish amidst thousands of printed pages, not to mention millions of pages on the web? “

“Staying organized might make you anxious. Organizing is certainly not a glamorous task. Yet, in a world that overwhelms us with information and communication, becoming the master of your files, and maintaining them so they serve you, is more important than ever before. The people who become adept at recognizing, gathering, retrieving, and applying the right information at the right time are valuable to their organizations and their teams”.

“The future of your industry or profession will be dominated by ultra-productive executives who understand the importance of information and communication management. Regardless of the obstacles they face, these adept information managers are capable of pointing their team or organization in the appropriate direction. Why? They have a well-developed ability to identify, assemble, and impart knowledge that they extract from information. Ultimately they can draw upon their knowledge to lead with wisdom”.

These paragraphs are taken from a wonderful article “10 Ways to Overcome Information Overload” written by Mr. Jeff Davidson and published here and exactly describes the major problem we all face each day but are not necessarily aware of.

As you can see, the example above and especially the forecast for the future refers to our work life.


The work life of the average person consists of many things, do they actually contain even more information than we are supposed to handle?

Can anybody CLAIM that FAMILY, PERSONAL FINANCES, HOME, SOCIAL LIFE, and SPARE TIME require less of our attention or contain less information than we have to deal with?

Of course not, so obviously there is a need for a solution, and an actual solution, not just “How to” stuff which is easy to express but much harder to accomplish.

There are tons of suggestions, advice and even templates which aim to assist us with our efforts. However, we do not offer advice – instead, we offer you THE TRUE AND ONLY AVAILABLE SOLUTION IN THE FORM OF FromX.

Here you can see some of the reasons why:

Brief reminder – Our goal is to provide a real life tool to accompany a well-developed ability to identify, assemble, store, and impart knowledge that You extract from information that comes your way. Ultimately, your goal is to make your life easier and more productive.

Note:    You’ll find a long and detailed list of actions to take below, however all those steps are just detailed interpretations of one simple process:

  • Think what you need
  • Search and find what you need
  • Sort and save/upload/bookmark what you need
  • Reach it all within 1-2 seconds
  • Reuse it all when you need it by the same thought as you started
  1. After downloading and during the installation of the FromX app, select to include all the default categories. Regardless of whether you think the default categories would be useful for you or not, you’ll find there is relevant content.
  2. As you will see, each category contains several default subcategories, and at least one or more of them would definitely be helpful. We strongly suggest reviewing each one of them.
  3. Each category represents a major domain of someone’s life, and each subcategory allows you to dive deeper. So if the category “Family” represents your family related space, subcategories give you a more detailed perspective – “finding spouse/dating”, “pregnancy”, “kids”, etc.
  4. FromX is a 100% customizable app, so you can create whatever category or subcategory you want.
  5. Each category or subcategory allows you to import any type of digital content, including apps, webpages, notes, files, and photos of any format. So whether you are looking for suggestions for trip destination, you are student or you just arranging a bachelors’ party – you can easily import all kinds of data/content into to FromX to existing categories/subcategories according to the data or contents’ context, so you’ll never have to search those information sources ever again.
  6. If you are used to spending a lot of time planning, organizing and executing such activities as arranging your data from your studies or just browsing for news, FromX will save you at least 50% of your time and lots of money by providing the following:
  1. Import /bookmark websites which offer services related to activities you initiate.
  2. Import (from phone memory) or from Google Play suggested or related apps
  3. Perform any necessary actions using these information/service sources and at the same time import/bookmark/upload the results of your actions – interesting articles, approvals, useful apps, necessary documents…
  4. Any documents you use can be easily imported, stored, shared, and edited via Notes that you can add anywhere. Just remember to give your notes relevant titles, so you can always reach anything you want within 1-2 seconds.
  5. You can even add “secondary bookmarks, add articles or anything else within websites that are already bookmarked, so you can enrich them with notes, files and much more.

Note: If the first action (importing links /bookmarking websites/downloading apps etc.) seems a bit complicated remember – the second one will take just 2-3 seconds, and you’ll never have to do it again.

There is no doubt that you’ll have extremely important information to keep safe. In this case FromX offers (within a given upgrade plan) Unlimited Cloud Storage. You can upload an unlimited amount of data and reuse it at anytime.

Please note – even if your phone is dead, lost or stolen – the information you placed within FromX (100% of information within the subscription plans) and all the information (except files) will always be accessible every time you login to your FromX account.

And this is just a beginning, since FromX offers many other features, such as Suggested apps and services, Comparative Shopping and even creation of your own E-Mall.

As you can see FromX is not complicated to use. Everything is completely intuitive and logical.

FromX is not just another tool to perform specific tasks. FromX is new way to experience, manage and use any content whatsoever to boost your personal productivity and ensure you never lose a thing.

Long story short – there is nothing wrong with adopting new ways to become more productive, so now you can easily handle information overload (or just abundance).

And yet, why would we make a fire by using sticks when we have lighters?

The same applies here, why should we struggle when there is FromX?!

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