What is considered Digital Content?

According to Wikipedia, Digital content is any content that exists in the form of digital data.   Digital content comes in many forms, from text and audio and videos files, to programs, apps, graphics, animations, and images.

Why should I manage my content?

The next three reasons will explain briefly why good content is important from the only perspective that matters – yours:

  1. Good content makes people feel good about any brand and it propels them to take actions .
  2. Good content is what people prefer – 7 out of 10 customers prefer to learn about a company or brand via article type content instead of advertisements.
  3. Good content is what consumers value90%of consumers said that they find custom content useful in one way, shape or form.

Content is what shapes our personality, our worldview. Through content we express ourselves and also perceive the environment in which we live. Content has long been not what we are trying to sell, content is what fills our lives with meaning.

What is “Save a Tree” mission?

Some facts why we support paperless economy

  • Worldwide the pulp and paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for 4% of all the world’s energy use.
    • Over 60% of the roughly 17 billion cubic feet of timber harvested worldwide each year is used for paper and pulp.
    • The paper industry uses more water to product a ton of product than any other industry.
    • Discarded paper is a major component of many landfill sites, accounting for about 35% by weight of municipal solid waste.
    • Pulp and paper is the third largest industrial polluter to air, water and land in both Canada and the United States, and releases well over 100 million kg of toxic pollution each year.
    • 40% of the world’s industrial logging goes into making paper, and this is expected to reach 50% in the near future
    • Worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the last 40 years with 35% of harvested trees being used for paper manufacture.
    • An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year, equaling a loss of 20 football fields every minute.
    Loss of forests contributes between 12 and 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.
    • If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.

The environmental impact of paper is largely significant. Due to our history of voluminous paper consumption, serious efforts are needed to ensure that the environment is protected. The past is gone, but we still have time to change our future. With the use of modern technology such as document management software, electronic forms creators and mobile devices, we can drastically reduce our dependence on paper.

Forest Ethics –
Environmental Paper Network –
World Resources Institute –

FromX offers its features as a solution for paperless economy since it:

  1. As a launcher allows browsing apps and WebPages – instead of reading papers and magazines.
  2. Suggests for third party apps and WebPages which allow drawing/planning/creating stuff without any use of paper.
  3. As Bookmarking tool (with double bookmarking feature) allows saving any article or web/mobile produced /displayed data without printing it.
  4. Makes redundant print copies of any bills/approvals/certifications/sheets we use to reserve for future uses.
  5. Allows sharing of paperless works and creations using any possible third party applications
  6. As fully customizable organizer allows anyone to create fully personalized categories/subcategories and folders to place any apps and bookmarks according to his own logic, to store there all paperless creations, needed approvals etc. and retrieve them when it is necessary.
  7. And finally, FromX offers Cloud sync plans which will safekeep all paperless data and You could keep using it even if the phone is lost, damaged or just exchanged to newer one.

So Join the “Every Tree counts” initiative

Download and start using FromX app and so Cut-down your own paper wastage.

Spread the Word about the “Every Tree counts” initiative using  “Share” icon within FromX app (right upper corner on main app page / Every Tree Counts initiative within FromX app to all your friends contacts.


What is “Share & Invite” feature?

Since FromX serves as Personal Productivity Tool, there is no doubt that FromX  should benefit  your buddies as much as you.

We made it simple to share FromX , including FromX experiences you like the most, with your friends.

By the way, sharing is not just carrying – it also brings immediate personal benefit – Share FromX and get immidiate access to FromX premium backgrounds.

How can FromX benefit me?

The major goal of FromX app is to assist you becoming personally productive content wise. Just to make things clear, in our perspective being personally productive is getting better and faster results in content related activities and/or results achievable via mobile phone doings and actions with less efforts.

Particular benefits:

  • Sorting phone files  – single tap on “File manager”, “apps”, “Note” folders (Home page) will autosort phone data and content in convinient way for better discover and reach.
  • Content search and input – browse for new content via in-app search bar or Chrome browser and you will be able to bookmark and store where you need any kind of digital content.
  • Content reuse and utilization– stop searching again and again for same stuff. Anything useful should be stored and reused in seconds. For example – if You are student who arranged your studies related materials within categories (1 lesson – all data), you’ll be able to prepare for exams from anywhere and conveniently.
  • Categorization of mobile activities – create category/subcategory for each activity and fill it with relevant content (apps, bookmarks, notes, files etc.)
  • Activity launcher – start any particular mobile activity within any of your categories.
  • Double bookmarking – bookmark your favorite websites and enrich them with secondary bookmarks (articles/pages) and insights (notes).
  • Phone content backup & restore – with FromX nothing gets lost. (Please note-files could be backed up within FromX Unlimited Pro plan).
  • My Shopping — plenty of shopping search options, comparative shopping and many more  features which will save you effort, tme and money.
  • Personal E-Mall – create your personal shopping experience.
  • etc.


   Getting Started

How do I setup my FromX account?

1. Download FromX from Google Play Store.

2. Signup or Sign in with your Google account.

3. Categorize your prefered phone activities (minimum 3 out of 12 default categories).

Notice: We strongly suggest selecting All categoriese to learn how can those benefit you). You could always delete/edit any of those by pressing on FAB (Floating Action Button).

4. Choose your favorite background.

Notice: You can get instant access to Premium backgrounds by Sharing FromX via Share & Invite icon (right upper corner).

5. Backup your contacts in secured Firebase (Google) Cloud.

6. Pick or Capture Profile picture.

and Voila – your account is set.

Start exploring categories, adjusting categories and everything else to fit your genuine needs.

How can I personalize my FromX account?

Personalization of FromX includes following elements:

1. Picking/capturing profile photo (within setup proccess or via settings).

2. Selecting favorite backgrounds (within setup proccess or via settings).

3. Selecting frequentely used categories/subcategories  (within setup proccess or via settings or by adding /editing categories/subcategories via FAB (Floating Action Button).

Please notice – you can reset your account to default structure (via settings), but you should bear in mind that in that case you lose any unsaved data.

What should I do after setting up my FromX account?

The following steps are suggested to realize FromX potential:

1. Auto-sort your phone files by pressing on “File Manager” icon.

2. Auto-sort your apps by pressing on “Apps” icon.

3. Auto-sort your notes by pressing on Notes” icon. Please notice, since you haven’t crafted any FromX notes yet, you will see list of initial notes for each category and subcategory you have selected during setup process.

4. Explore categories and subcategories to realize how you can categorize any of your mobile activities (by adding to each category/subcategory) all relevant content (apps, bookmarks, notes, files)  you usually use in regards to the given category (activity).

5. Explore FAB (Floating Action Button) functions.

6. Exersize adding/deleting/editing categories/subcategories/notes etc. by creating your first fully personalized category. For example – create category which relates to your hobby, frequent task or else.

7. Explore content search and input while you search for it via in-app search bar or embedded Chrome Browser.

8. Exersize bookmarking and double bookmarking (start with content search).

9. Explore My Shopping features (via My Shopping icon located on Home page).

10. Create your first Personal E-Mall draft by adding your favorite shopping apps, websites, online tools etc. Create Notes to store there all your shopping related data.

How can I change my FromX account settings?

FromX account setting can be changed via “Settings” icon (3 lines icon).

You can change profile photo, background, restore default settings.

Please notice – you can reset your account to default structure (via settings), but you should bear in mind that in that case you lose any unsaved data.

How can I get more backgrounds?

You can get more backgrounds in two ways:

1. By upgrading FromX Stay Free plan to FromX Unlimited Pro plan.

2. By joining “Save a Tree” initiative (via settings and/or via Share & Invite icon (Home page) ) and sharing FromX with your buddies.

Please notice, besides getting Free Premium backgrounds, Your efforts might assist to our efforts of promoting paperless Economy and the fight against deforestation.

File manager, Contacts, apps & notes

What is File manager and why do I need it??

File Manager is FromX app feature which allows auto-sort your files (stored within your phone internal memory) according to file types to allow better access and utilization of your files.

Each file can be added to any of your FromX categories, and afterwards uploaded to cloud storage (if you select joining to FromX Unlimited Pro plan).

You can add files to categories by using FAB button.

What can I do with Contacts field that is on Home page ?

Via Contact field you can backup your phone contacts in secured Firebase (Google) cloud.

All FromX plans offer Free Contacts backup.

We suggest making once in a while Contacts backup, so you would not lose any of your contacts ever again.

Please notice:

1. You can use FromX Contacts to call your friends, send them SMS messages or even delete unnecessary contacts.

2. In case of losing /swithching your phone, login to your FromX account and download VCF file with all your Contacts data. This VCF file will allow you to import your contacts into your new phone.

For your knowledge:

A VCF file is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business. It typically includes a name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other contact information. VCF files also support custom fields, images, and other types of media.

What "Apps" field refers to?

“Apps” field located on Home page allows you to auto-sort apps stored in your phone according to those apps relevance/category.

This is an additional way to access the required app (according to activity you intend to start) quickly and efficiently.

What "Notes" field refers to?

“Notes” field located on Home page allows you to auto-sort FromX notes stored in your phone according to those notes relevance.

You will see all your notes in each category/subcategory.

This feature becomes relevant after creation of multiple notes, since it offers additional way to access any of your content fast and efficiently.

Backup & Restore

What FromX app backups in FromX Stay Free plan?

FromX Stay Free plan offers the following backup:

1. Contacts Backup

2. Category/Subcategory backup.

3. Backup of apps and bookmarks (including backup of secondary bookmarks). This Backup is subject to importing those apps /bookmarks into your FromX categories/subcategories.

4. Backup of notes and notes texts. The Backup of notes  is subject to creating those notes into your in FromX categories/subcategories/bookmarks.

What is FromX Unlimited Pro plan?

FromX Unlimited Pro plan  offers several additional features, among which the most valuable ones are:

a. Unlimited Cloud Storage  – to keep all your files (which you have chosen to upload into cloud) safe and secured.

b. Multi-device Sync – all your FromX actions (related to categories, subcategories, notes, files etc.) will be synced on all your devices (subject to signup into same fromX account on all phones).

c. Premium Backgrounds – joining FromX Unlimited Pro allows Instant access to FromX Premium backgrounds.

Learn more about FromX Unlimited Pro here –

How do I upload files to the cloud?

Adding files to the cloud is easy. Just follow those steps:

1. Pick a note you want to upload its’ files to the Cloud.

2. Press FAB and select “Insert file” action.

3. Select a file/s you want to add to this note.

4. Add file/s.

5. Press on “File upload to cloud” icon (which is illustrated on each file added to note)

6. As soon as you get notification “Success” – your file is uploaded and now it is secured.

That’s all. You are done!

What is multi-device sync?

FromX Multi-device Sync is a feature which allows syncronization of  your FromX mobile data on multiple mobile devices (subject to having those devices logged in to the same FromX user account).

This feature is necessary for anyone who has more than single mobile phone.

What happens to my files if I lose my phone?

Having FromX before you lose your phone is the best thing that can happen to you since almost all data will be available for restore almost immediately.

All you’ll have to do is to login to your FromX account and almost all your phone data (apps, bookmarks, notes, contacts) will be available for quick restore.

Please notice – apps, bookmarks and notes must be located in your categories/subcategories.

Accordingly, we strongly suggest utilizing FromX and it’s categories for keeping all your data safe.

Please notice – FromX Stay Free does not backup files attached to your notes (your files are stored within your phone internal memory). 

Accordingly, we strongly suggest joining FromX Unlimited Pro, adding files to notes and uploading those files to secured Firebase (Google) Cloud for  keeping all your data safe forever.

Content Input, Retrieval & Share

What content I can input into FromX ?

FromX is a mobile data & content management tool. FromX is designated to contain all types of Digital Content – apps, bookmarks (websites, web services, articles) and all kinds of files (all formats).

Why it is advised to browse online via FromX app?

Since one of FromX major goals is serving as a personal productivity tool for better content management, we have embedded into FromX search bar and Chrome browser to allow the same search capabilities as regular search bars/browsers  offer. In addition we also enriched it with instant ability to bookmark any online content and to save it instantly into any of your categories for further reuse and utilization.

With FromX you will be able to achieve the same results (such as finding content, storing it, being able to retrieve it within seconds etc.) but with much fewer efforts.

Since Personal Productivity is getting better results with less efforts, with FromX Content Input, Retrieval & Share features  you will become more productive.

You will never have to search for same stuff again – just select category as per activity you want to initiate and voila – you get everything in one place.

With FromX you input content once and reuse it whenever there is a need for.

How do I import content into FromX ?

1. Import apps via FAB found within any category/subcategory.

2. Import bookmarks via FAB found within any category/subcategory.

3. Import files via FAB found within any note.

How can I retrieve content I need?

Relevant content could be retrieved and reused in 2 ways:

1. Via File Manager field  and/or Apps field and/or Notes field located on Home page.

2. Via any of related to this content categories/subcategories and/or bookmarks.

How can I share content?

Sharing Content via FromX is extremely easy:

1. Select item you want to share.

2. Long-press on this item.

3. Select “Share” function.

4. Share it via any of social networks and/or services which are available in  your phone.

Categories & Subcategories

What are categories & subcategories and how I create them?

Categories and subcategories are actually containers within which you can embed your digital content in accordance to designated activity of each of those “containers”

For examle – for Home related activities create “Home” category and enrich it with relevant subcategories such as “Home Bills“, “Home services providers“, “Home insurance” etc.

Both categories and subcategories can include apps, bookmarks, notes and files.

To Create Category:

1. Go to Home Page

2. Press FAB

3. Select “Add category”

4. Give it a title and relevant icon

5. You are done. New Category is created.

To Create SubCategory:

1. Go to any category where you want to add subcategory.

2. Press FAB

3. Select “Add subcategory”

4. Give it a title and relevant icon

5. You are done. New SubCategory is created.

Why do I need those categories & subcategories?

Categories and subcategories are required for two purposes:

1. Categorization of mobile content/task related activities – for example, you can create “Travel” related activity and to enrich it with all relevant content (Travel related apps, bookmarks, notes, files etc.)

It is quit obvious that you will travel more than once – so why you should waste your time each time you intend travelling? This is exactly why you need categories for everything you do more than once.

2. Content & files containers – As stated in previous QA, categories and subcategories are necessary to store inside any activity related content and files.

What do categories & subcategories contain?

Both categories and subcategories can include apps, bookmarks, notes and files.

Everything that is stored in those categories and subcategories can be uploaded and stored in Cloud Storage if you join FromX Unlimited Pro plan.

Can I edit/delete categories & subcategories and if yes, how?

Both categories and subcategories can be edited and /or deleted via FAB.

To Edit/Delete Category:

1. Go to Home Page

2. Press FAB

3. Select “Edit/Delete category”

4. Select which one you wish to edit/delete.

5. Confirm your action and you are done.

To Create SubCategory:

1. Go to any category where you want to Edit/Delete subcategory.

2. Press FAB

3. Select “Edit/Delete subcategory”

4. Select which one you wish to edit/delete.

5. Confirm your action and you are done.

What are best practises related to categories/subcategories ?

The best practice is:

1. Create a scope of your frequently used activities during which you use your phone for any action associated to this activity

2. Create categories/subcategories for all those activities.

3. Enrich all categories/subcategories with relevant content and files

As soon as you accomplish doing it (and it becomes really easy after first one – you will become a master of your content and will be able to manage and benefit this content as never before.

Do it once – enjoy results forever.

Apps& Bookmarks

How can I import or delete apps?

You can import into any of your categories/subcategories apps which are already installed on your device or to import apps directly from Google Play store

Importing apps:

1. Choose any category/subcategory you want to import apps into and enter it.

2. Press FAB

3. Select “Add  application”

4. Select whether you want to import app from your device memory or Google Play

5. Select relevant app or apps (you can add more than a single app at once).

Please notice – you can import the same app into more than a single category/subcategory.

Deleting app:

1. Enter any category/subcategory from which you wish to delete  app.

2. Long-press on app you wish to delete from this category/subcategory.

3. Confirm ‘delete” action.

How can I import bookmarks ?

You can import bookmarks in several ways. Questions regarding bookmarking during content search (via Search bar and/or via Google Chrome browser) are answered in following FAQ.

Importing bookmarks:

1. Choose any category/subcategory you want to import bookmark into and enter it.

2. Press FAB

3. Select “Add  Bookmark”

4. Select whether you want to import bookmark via Google Search or to insert bookmark address (link) manually.

5. Enter the website you want to bookmark.

6. Press FAB

7. Enter the title for your new bookmark.

8. Press “OK”

Please notice – you can add more than a single bookmark at once.

Please notice – you can import the same bookmark into more than a single category/subcategory.

Deleting bookmark:

1. Enter any category/subcategory from which you wish to delete bookmark.

2. Long-press on bookmark you wish to delete from this category/subcategory.

3. Confirm ‘delete” action.

How do I bookmark websites if I browse via Search bar?

This is the easiest and most efficient way to bookmark:

1. Enter into the Search bar your search request

2. Browse any website.

3. Press “Bookmark” icon that is located on the screen bottom.

4. Select the category you wish to place bookmark within.

5. Confirm your choice.

How do I bookmark websites if I browse via Google Chrome?

1. Press on Chrome browser icon within FromX Home page  or just browse via Chrome.

2. Search and browse till you find website you wish to bookmark.

3. Press on Chrome “Actions” icon (3 dots in the upper right corner)

4. Select “Share” action.

5. Select FromX as application you wish to “Share via”.

6. Select the category you wish to place bookmark within.

7. Confirm your choice.


How can I add secondary bookmarks (articles) & notes?

Lets assume you love “Quora” website and you are used to browse this website frequently this website for relevant articles. FromX is a perfect tool to gather data & content from frequently visited websites.

1. Bookmark frequently visited website to any of your categories.

2. Enter website via this bookmark.

3. Browse it till you find article/page you need to bookmark.

4. Press on “bookmark” icon that is located on the screen bottom in the middle.

5. Enter article/page title .

6. Confirm your choice.

7. You will be redirected to Secondary bookmarks page where all your secondary bookmarks will be stored.

Please notice:

1. You can reach Secondary bookmarks page by   pressing on “Secondary bookmarks page” icon that is located on the screen bottom in the left corner.

2. You can add any web note (as insights) to any of your bookmarks in two ways:

a. By  pressing on “Web Note”” icon that is located on the screen bottom in the right corner.

b. By pressing on FAB when you are in Secondary bookmarks page  and pressing on “Add web note”” icon that is located on the screen bottom in the right corner.


Notes & Files

How can I add notes?

You can add notes and files to any category, subcategory or bookmark.

Add notes this way:

1. Enter any category or subcategory.

2. Press FAB

3. Select “add note”.

4. Insert note title and press OK.

Your note is created.

1. Enter the new note

2. Add any text or else

3. Press “Save” icon.

Your note content/text is saved.

How do I add files to notes?

1. Enter the note you need to add files to.

2. Press FAB

3. Select any way to add files: “Capture image” or “Capture video” or “Insert file” or “Insert image” etc.

4. Complete your action and you’ll view your file attached to this note.

5. In case you have joined FromX Unlimited Pro plan, you can upload this file to the cloud .


Are my notes and files safe if I use FromX Stay Free plan ?

All your notes (including note texts) saved in your FromX categories are completely safe since we store them in the secured Firebase (Google) Cloud.

All your attached files are saved within internal memory of your device.

If you wish to store your files to the Cloud as well, you must join fromX Unlimited Pro Plan.

What files can I upload to the Cloud?

FromX Unlimited Pro plan offers unlimited cloud storage for files of any format.

Please notice that you can upload files reaching up to 25 mb each.

This limitation is applied since we offer Mobile Cloud Storage, and uploading bigger files might cause increased mobile traffic which could be costly and negatively affect your mobile experience.


What is the best FromX experience related to FromX notes?

FromX notes are one of most powerful elements to boost your overall personal productivity. Proper utilization and constant usage will definitely change the way you learn, work or just handle any of your activities.

The following example will showcase how you can become super productive in your studies:

Utilizing FromX College Students – in this case-LAW STUDENTS:

Please notice:   You’ll find bellow long and detailed list of actions to take but actually all those steps are just detailed interpretations of one simple process:

  1. Think of what you need
  2. Search and find whatever you need
  3. Sort and save/upload/bookmark whatever you need
  4. Reach it all within 1-2 seconds
  5. Reuse, share, utilize any kind of content  whenever  you need it


  1. Download FromX and signup
  2. We suggest selecting all categories (so you’ll could check out Family Category (cat) and Higher Education subcategory (subcat)
  3. After you realize how to create new cats/subcats, add apps, main bookmarks (websites) or secondary bookmarks (articles/data from these website), how to create notes, upload files etc – you could create YOUR OWN DIGITAL COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT or DIGITAL LAW SCHOOL or whatever you want to call it, while the purpose is simple – complete content management.
  4. So create Law School Category and fill it with apps/web services/information websites etc.
  5. Create there Notes related to your higher education as whole – for example: Note for scholarships (import into it all what is necessary), Note for School contacts….
  6. Create subcategory for each course
  7. Import related (to this course) apps/web services/information websites etc.
  8. Create notes (in each subcategory as per courses) for anything related – curriculum, lecture records and videos, homework, preparation for exams etc.
  9. Each note could contain any file you could imagine.
  10. If you missed something due to sickness or else – just ask bodies to allow capturing (with phone camera) anything you missed and add it where it should be placed.
  11. If you want to share anything – Just use “Long press” on any folder and share it
  12. If you are searching for anything – just remember wha and within few taps you’ll reach whatever you need – as simple as that.
  13. Among all files/photos/videos etc . will definitely be extremely important ones, those which you’ll want to store and save forever . For this case FromX offers (within given upgrade plans) Unlimited Cloud Storage. So you could upload unlimited amount of data and reuse it anytime.
  14. Please notice – even if your phone is dead, lost or stolen – the information you placed within FromX (100% of information within subscription plans) and all information (except files) will always be accessible every time you login to your FromX


Speaking shortly, FromX is friendly, DIY, All-in-One, Must have Productivity tool which will definitely transform any student life and save tons of time and effort.

FromX is not just another tool to perform specific tasks – FromX is new way to experience, manage and utilize any content whatsoever to boost your personal productivity and ensure you never lose a thing.


My Shopping

What is My Shopping and why should I use it?

My Shopping part of FromX app is designated to boost your shopping experience. You can find there following features:

1. One Tap Browsing – Search and shop  in dozens of your preferred shopping categories at multiple International Shopping sites

2. Comparative Shopping – Browse for any particular item and get best deal for this particular item from most trusted online suppliers

3. Daily Deal Shopping – Get best deal offerings from multiple trending shopping sites worldwide

4. Top Fashion Shops – Browse at the best and trendiest fashion shops online.

5. Most popular shops – Well, there should be a reason that people have chosen those sites.

Do I have to provide FromX with my payment details?

No. FromX doesn’t require your payment details.

What is Comparative Shopping?

Comparative shopping is another FromX feature which allows searching for any particular item (for example Iphone X) and getting immediate results in multiple stores at once.

If you know exactly what you want to buy – you could buy it via FromX cheaper and find the best price faster than anywhere else.

How can I bookmark or save iten in order to buy it later?

You can bookmark an item following those steps:

1. Browse any store till you find what you looked for.

2. Press settings of your browser (3 dots in upper right corner of your phone screen)

3. If you are already browsing via Chrome browser – select “Share” action .

4. Press “Share via FromX”

5. Select a category where you want to save this item. We suggest saving it within your personal E-Mall (read about in following FAQ)

6.If you aren’t browsing via Chrome browser – press settings of your browser (3 dots in upper right corner of your phone screen).

7. Select “Open in Chrome”.

8. Press again on settings , select “Share” action, select a category where you want to save this item.

Am I charged for shopping via FromX?

No, you are not charged and not required to enter payment details when you shop via FromX.

You pay only the indicated price of your purchase and taxes (if those are aplicable in your country).

FromX is not responsible for any representational data shown in relevance to any item.

FromX has not ability whatsoever to impact third party vendors.

Please contact the seller directly in case of any complaints or mismatches.

Personal E-Mall

What is Personal E-Mall?

Do you shop online? Whether your answer is positive or not, you came to the right place.

FromX Personal E-Mall is a tool for creation of fully personalizecd shopping experience of your own.

So why will anyone need personal E-Mall?

In our perspective, in order to be competely satisfying and productive, the ultimate personal shopping experience has to provide each client with following key elements:

1.The whole experience must be centralized and controlled conveniently by end user (You).

2. The ability to select favorite merchants.

3.Good shopping experience must include/cover all stages of online shopping (or classical shopping) – finding necessary item, getting best price offer, product and store reviews, finding trusted seller, secure payment,  tracking shipment, storing all related docs (purchase confirmation, invoice, shipment docs etc.), sharing experience with others etc.

Suggested structure:

1.Enter your personal E-Mall page

2. Create several subcategories for products types – Groceries, Clothes…

3. Import into each category apps and websites you use to make your purchases through.

4. Import Price Comparison apps and services (for  example you can place those into new subcategory “Price comparison”.

5. Import Goods/Services consumers review apps and websites.

6. Import shipment tracking apps and services.

7. Create notes for particular purchases or per document types  – “Purchase confirmations”, “Shipmant docs”, “Complaints”….

8. Create note for “Wishlist”…

9. Share items from wishlist with your buddies and get their opinion.

……..Your options are unlimited!

With FromX Personal E-Mall you create your experience once but benefit from for a long time.

How do I create my Personal E-Mall?

You can create your Personal E-Mall as same as you create any of other categories for any designated activity. In this case – your Online Shopping activity.


Create subcategories for detailed activities

Import apps and website according to your usage patterns and activity (shopping stage) context.

Create notes for insights and use them as folders for relevant files.

Utilize all FromX features while Shoppng online via FromX Personal E-Mall

Can I share my personal E-Mall content?

Yes, you can definitely share your Personal E-Mall content  – startng with apps and bookmarks and finishing with your experiences with purchased products.

All FromX features are available for use in your Personal E-Mall.

What is alternative to bookmarking receipts & approvals?

Sometimes you might find it difficult to bookmark links to your purchases approvals. Sometimes you might buy stuff using your PC and not your phone.

In that case we suggest making  screenshots of such important documents you wish to keep save and upload them into relevant location (note) as file attachments or as photos.

Can I create my E-Mall in other language rather Enlish?

Yes, you can.

You can import apps and websites (which are in English or in any other language).

You can create notes and give them titles in your language.

You can enter texts in any languages which are awailable on your phone.

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